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Advanced Search for Shopify, Woocommerce, Magento and more


We all know what a terrible experience site search can be as consumers. Trying to find the specific product you are looking for can be an exhausting experience. You are usually shown results not related to your search term or even worse, no result at all. 

That is why we recommend Searchanise Advanced Search to all our Shopify customers and recommend it with all new and existing online stores. It is also compatible with Woocommerce and Magento so there is no reason to keep on with the regular stock search that comes with your store or theme.


10 Key Ways You Can Improve Your Search

  1. Include a search bar in header on all pages
  2. Allow visitors to filter the results
  3. Use Autocomplete 
  4. Use Breadcrumbs to show the customer where they are
  5. Use A Magnifying Class to make it easy to find
  6. Autocorrect for misspelling
  7. Display how many results there are for search term
  8. Show suggestions instead of zero results
  9. Allow customers to change result display, List View vs Grid View
  10. Use an Advanced Search Tool to improve your site search


Biggest Retail Site Search Frustration June2018


Searchanise Review from e-Commerce News HQ:


More Than Just Products

Searchanise assists by showing products together with blog, category/collection & page results. This helps to drive clickthroughs to informative articles and specials you want to highlight.

Imagine a customer is searching for the benefits of rooibos tea during pregnancy. With the basic search function, they would only see the product page displayed. Searchanise will provide them with a complete picture of the information available.

It even allows search by substring which makes searching by parts of a field possible. For instance, only search for parts of an SKU. A useful trick if you consider the complicity of Variant SKUs.

Instant search powers up your website by providing immediate results as the user types. You have total control over how much data is visible in search results. For instance, a B2C/B2B store might want to hide product pricing or decide to remove product reviews so as not to clutter the results page.


Click here for the full Advanced Search Review article or here to try it out for yourself