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"In a world of predominantly desktop-based eCommerce platforms, Shopify Mobile App is a beam of hope, pioneering the future that is mobile eCommerce. Shopify has always been on the front-lines of innovation, in order to help business owners to improve and refine their online stores. The Shopify Mobile App aims to bring easy and convenient store management to the comfort of your palm, without sacrificing features and functionalities."

Mobile eCommerce is the future.

This is not a controversial statement. For years now mobile eCommerce sales have trumped those made on PC's. The difference now, is that companies like Shopify, are attempting to move the entire eCommerce development experience, to your mobile phone.

Developing a mobile counter-part to their original browser-based platform, Shopify aims to convert as much of the desktop experience into the comfort of your hands. This is a tricky feat, as scaling down all aspects of this platform to fit on a mobile screen sounds nearly impossible. Read the article below to see how Shopify didn't only duplicate their previous platform to mobile, but took it to new heights too.

The Complete Shopify Mobile App Review