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We believe that an online e-commerce solution will add significant value to almost any business. The ability to sell through your own store brings control of your products and sales back into your hands.

No longer are you only dependent on other platforms and retailers to sell and market your products. Having your own store brings full control over how your products display, what prices you ask, and the marketing you do around it.

The issue with a normal website is that it fails to complete the customer journey. Someone searches for your product/service but cannot buy it directly from the site.

With your own store, the sales journey becomes complete. You can use your marketing channels such as email, Google Ads, social media pages, or even live events to drive sales to your online store.

Benefits of owning your own Shopify Store

benefits of shopify south africa 1Social Media Integration

Your online store integrates seamlessly with Facebook, Instagram & Pinterest. This ads a live Shop tab to your social media pages with all pricing and stock availability synced and update to date in real-time. Run more effective social media campaigns, promotions, and competitions by including active Buy buttons on the platforms. This takes customers straight to your store or Checkout.

Your Customers, Your Data

An added benefit is that you own your customer data. The sales history for each customer, what they purchased and when. This allows you to use much more effective, personalized marketing tactics to communicate with them. It also helps to build trust with your brand, and increases the chance of a second sale.

Local Pickup & Delivery

Want to support your local or international stockists? No problem. By using Local Delivery or Pickup at checkout you can help your stockists by pushing sales through to them. Or even new customers by sending them to their physical location as a pickup point. All through your store and checkout. 

B2C/B2B Wholesale in One Store

Process your retail and Wholesale orders through one online platform. This brings the ease of use, security, and accuracy of retail orders to your wholesale customers. No longer do you need an army of sales reps that physically have to go see customers or take orders over the phone that often end it errors.

Your wholesale customers can easily order through the online shop on a computer or mobile. They can browse the products and checkout and even use order/re-order forms. Offer different pricing based on their customer tag or give volume discounts based on how much they spend.

Offer different payment options to Wholesale such as on Account or EFT. 

Send out separate email newsletters to your Wholesale customers that target their unique requirements.

advanced search shopifyAdvanced Search Functionally

Full-text Search

Search by product name, collections, product description, and pages/blog posts or any meta fields that you add to your product pages. This makes search options almost limitless. 

Search Suggestions, Autocomplete, and Typos.

Show product previews based on the customer's first few letters that they search as well as showing correct results if there is a spelling error.

Search Results Page

Search results page is instant loading displays search filters that change the results viewed on the page.

Product Filters

It comes with basic filters but you could include the following: colors filter, reviews and ratings, product type, meta fields, discounts, etc 

Recommendation blocks 

Show product recommendations like specials, most popular, also bought, new and similar. 

integrated email online storeLoyalty Program Integrated Into Shopify 

Loyalty Program with build-in social sharing rewards and affiliate links for brand ambassadors

Create a loyalty program that motivates customers to spend more to reach rewards, and then shop again to use them:

  • Purchasing products
  • Sharing your store on Twitter or Facebook
  • Referring new customers through their unique link
  • Signing up to your program or newsletter
  • Reaching different tiers such as Bronze, Silver or Gold

Custom Payout options:

  • % discounts
  • Rand/Dollar amounts off
  • Free shipping
  • Custom rewards like limited-edition items, samples, donations, or anything else you’d like to create.

local pickup and delivery shopify appSales Rep

This App allows reps to sell through the online system using their unique backend access. Limit access so that they can only see their clients. Automatically work out commission and use advanced analytics to easily track sales by rep.

Local Pickup & Delivery at checkout

Local Pickup & Delivery which allows the customer to choose from local shops or stockists that have stock of your product or can fulfill it.

  • List national and international stockists as local delivery or pickup points.
  • Push sales to the stockists in your region or internationally.
  • Let your customers come to you and save money on picking, packing and shipping their items by offering store pickup
  • Shipping Calendar
  • Code search for customers to find the pickup point closest to them.
  • Validation for driving distance, max radius and matching
  • Support for your delivery-only store

customer conversion shopify south africaIntegrated Email Marketing

Automate newsletter sending based on triggers or interactions with your online store.

Tag customers based on purchase history and automate email campaigns based on their interests

Provide a discount code for newsletter subscription that sends through a discount off their first order.

Send out abandoned cart emails

Google Ads Integration

We’ll set up and optimize an effective Google Adwords strategy split into separate Adgroups per product category. 

These means a more complete buyers journey as we send the potential customer to the exact location in the store related to their search

We further customize by:

  • Radius location so only your potential customers see your ads Limit spend per keyword term, daily spend
  • Link up Adwords with triggered events in your store such as add to cart and quote request forms. 
  • Search Ads, Display Ads, Locations Ads means your ad is seen throughout
  • Ongoing scanning and adding for negative keywords. This means your campaign becomes more efficient over time, making your budget go further 

Google Tags will allow us to send through weekly reports on which ads were clicked on and to what action that lead. This will help you understand fully where your budget is going to. This can include clicks on phone numbers or any type of event you want to track on your website. 


Retarget people that visited your online store and get them back to buy the products they were previously interested in. This includes Google Search and Social Media Retargeting.  

owning your own shopify store south africaGoogle Shopping Ads

Create & optimize your Google Shopping Feed, upload your products on Google Merchant Centre & create your Smart Shopping campaigns. Display your products at the top of Search results in an attractive and easy to reach way for potential shoppers.  

We set up your Google Shopping integration so that pricing and product details sync in realtime through to Google Shop. 

What We Do 

We are responsible for the full design & development of your online store. We will design the look and feel you desire according to your brand guidelines and add functionality through the thousands of advanced apps available. We assist you in loading your products and teach you do to it yourself. Training for you and your staff is included to make sure you get the most out of your new online platform.

All our stores are built with conversion science, high traffic, and ease of use in mind.