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If you really want to beat the competition, you should consider hiring a Shopify developer to create a truly stunning site that functions better than most other Shopify stores. We understand every facet of what makes a Shopify store attract and convert customers, and are capable of advanced online store techniques, such as custom coding.

HTML, Javascript, and CSS Coding

Professional Shopify developers are able to use HTML, Javascript, and CSS coding to change how your site looks and functions. This can be a major advantage over the thousands of stores using identical templates. Using custom code is especially important for the branding of your store, since most templates may come close to your exact color scheme and imagery, but won’t be perfect. Since consistent branding across channels is essential in any marketing plan, you won’t want your other channels to be consistent but have your Shopify look different.

In terms of site functionality, custom coding performed by online store designers can greatly improve customer experience on your site. Shopify developers can implement some really cool features such as countdown clocks, sliding banner images, animations, and custom background images. Custom features like these will really make your site look like more than a typical Shopify store.

Content Writing

Most Shopify development teams also offer professional content writing services. If you’re not the best writer, or if English isn’t your first language, this service is definitely one to take advantage of. When customers are visiting an online store, they’re very wary of where they’re sending their money. This means that any grammatical mistakes, spelling errors, or just poor sentence structure can send a potential customer running for the hills.

Product descriptions, for example, are massively important. Great product descriptions could make a world of difference in your sales, and professional writers know how to hook people in and explain to them how the product will benefit them.

Even if you’re a decent writer, there are still aspects of web content writing that professional writers know how to utilize in order to create more conversions. Professional content writers will use highly effective sales copywriting techniques in order to funnel customers to your checkout page. They’ll also write content in an easily digestible format, improving the user experience. Web content should also be optimized for SEO (search engine optimization) to help your store appear in search results.


Shopify developers will optimize your site to appear in search engines when people search for a product you’re selling or a similar product. Some essential services that a developer will implement are:

  • Keyword research
  • Site speed optimization
  • Title tags and meta descriptions
  • Canonicalization
  • Google Analytics

Canonicalization is an essential process for any e-commerce store. Basically, if a site has many identical URLs, we want to tell Google and other search engines which URL is the original, since search engines don’t “like” when a site has duplicate URLs. An e-commerce store will usually have quite a few duplicate URLs because of variations of products.

Google Analytics allows you to see how much traffic your store is bringing in, where the traffic is coming from, and how you can improve your efforts. A professional developer can set up custom reports for your specific business to show you these exact metrics, allowing you to constantly improve your site over time.

Graphic design

Graphic designers can create an impressive logo for your store, or customize your product images. If you’re selling watches, for example, rather than just using a basic picture of a watch, a graphic designer can create a much more appealing image using various design elements that really make the product pop. This could include adding a shimmering effect to make the watch look shinier, a background image behind the watch, or other visual effects like smoke, fire, or electricity. Impressive product images can really make your products appear even more valuable.

Mobile Responsiveness

Almost everyone shops from their phone these days. If your store doesn’t behave as well on a mobile device as it does a desktop device, you could lose a lot of potential customers. Shopify developers are able to optimize your site so that it appears and functions correctly across all devices and browsers. This is a major step that a lot of Shopify store owners ignore.

Facebook pixel

A large portion of your advertising efforts will probably be through Facebook ads. A Facebook pixel allows you to collect data about your Facebook ad campaigns. This includes collecting data of actions or “events”, such as when a customer clicks the checkout button, plays a video, or adds something to their cart. This leads to valuable insights as to what your customers are experiencing and how they go from one step of your sales funnel to the next.